The Working Group presents the final draft of the Regional Development Strategy 2020-2030

Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI) in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development (MRD) organized the next workshop for completing the Draft Strategy for Regional Development 2020-2030 . This discussion was in the context of the consulting platform that KLGI Institute is providing to Institutions in the formulation of policies / legislation in the field of local government.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and complete the strategic objectives that should be set in this strategic document with a focus on the action plan, indicator passport and cost of the strategy.

Regional Development Strategy 2020-2030 sets out long-term goals and priorities for regional development, and gives space for policy coordination that contributes to the balanced development of the regions.

This document will serve as a guide to local and regional economic development, and at the same time enables initiatives to be implemented for the implementation of joint development projects. At the same time, it plays an important role in achieving regional development goals and priorities through sectoral policies and strategies that contribute to the balanced development of the regions.

Moreover, regional development aims to provide a clear framework on how to achieve meaningful sustainable improvement for local communities by promoting economic activities and promoting a more attractive regional economic environment.

KLGI Institute will be engaged in consulting the document with other stakeholders for additional comments, before submitting the draft to the public consultation platform.

KLGI Institute, through its programs, will continue to support institutions in drafting policies and legislation affecting the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlocal government in the Republic of Kosovo.

This activity was carried out within the project 'Support for Stronger and Sustainable Municipalities (SSSM)' funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pristina.