The Norwegian Ambassador gets known with the challenges of Junik Municipality

Within the organized visits in municipalities of Kosovo, The Norwegian Ambassador in Kosovo, Per Strand Sjaastad, with the Executive Director of KLGI Institute, Mr. Besnik Tahiri have stayed in Junik to closely see the challenges encountered by the Municipality of Junik which has derived from the decentralization process.

According to Ambassador Sjaastad, strengthening cooperation with neighbouring municipalities is vital for the Municipality of Junik. "I'm here to get information about the projects that can support the municipality and follow this information in Oslo” – stated Ambassador Sjaastad.

These comments were highlighted in a meeting with the Mayor of Junik, Agron Kuqi, re-stating the need for promotion of tourism in the region of Dukagjin.

Meanwhile, the Mayor Kuçi stated that Junik presents great opportunities for this sector. "Over 65 per cent of the Junik territory is covered with mountains and fields, and it also has the highest point, the peak of Gjeravica," said Kuqi.

At this meeting, the Norwegian Ambassador was accompanied by Mr. Besnik Tahiri, Executive Director of KLGI Institute. During the visit, they were also informed about the city, knowing that over 90 percent of Junik has been destroyed during the war.

They also visited the regional tourism center to see the conditions and opportunities offered by this center.