The Municipality of Drenas, an example that should be followed regarding the equal representation for women in governance

Within the series of visits organized in municipalities, the representatives of KLGI Institute visited the Municipality of Drenas. The representatives met with the Mayor, Mr. Ramiz Lladrovci, to discuss about the perspectives for strengthening the local level.

Mayor Lladrovci thanked Mr. Tahiri for the visit, while expressing his willingness to further deepen the cooperation. On this basis, Lladrovci presented the latest developments in the Municipality of Drenas, focusing on the investments to improve the quality of administrative and public services, sustainable development and social welfare. Meanwhile, the Executive Director of KLGI Institute, Besnik Tahiri, informed Mayor Lladrovci about the initiation of the three-year project ‘Support for Stronger and Sustainable Municipalities (SSSM)’ which is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

Tahiri pointed out that Municipality of Drenas is one of the municipalities which will benefit from this project. The project is extended into three key dimensions: the first dimension is related to the efforts for ensuring inclusiveness in drafting policies and legislation, as well as strengthening inter-municipal coordination and inter-municipal cooperation, as a good opportunity towards reform and reduction of legal ambiguities. The second dimension is related with the strengthening of capacities through the

advanced training programs, as well as through professional and technical assistance. The third dimension aims to support the civil and social stakeholders, specifically civil society and young professional at the local level, who increase the potential for municipal support, as well as guarantee the mechanisms that increase the requests for effective transparency and accountability.

During the meeting it was also discussed about the efforts that KLGI Institute together with the public institutional stakeholders are doing in the reform process by opening up new paths for municipalities to return to democratization foundations, as well as become generators for development. Within this context, Tahiri has referred to the Municipality of Drenas as the initiator of the empowerment of society, by equally including the representation of women in governance. This example should be followed by other municipalities in order to ensure that inclusiveness in governance guarantees a safe journey towards sustainable development.