The KLGI Institute continues to engage in improving social policies and services at the local level

Representatives from the Center for Social Work (CSW) were welcomed in the KLGI offices, where it was discussed about cooperation opportunities in the field of social services at the local level.

Among other things, during the meeting it was discussed about a series of issues that require the involvement of CSW, including the sustainable development of social policies at the local level; the advanced support for professional staff; as well as the improvement of legislation in this field.

Relevant reports (The European Commission Report; Performance Reports) conducted by national and international organizations note significant challenges with regard to meeting the standards in the provision of social services at the local level.

Hence, through cooperation with its partners, the KLGI Institute aims to provide analysis and recommendations to central and local institutions. This process is directly related to other processes that affect sustainable financing of social services and the improvement of policies in this area.