The KLGI Institute and municipalities are exploring innovative initiatives in the field of local governance

The representatives of the KLGI Institute were welcomed in a meeting by the Mayor of Kamenica, Qëndron Kastrati, where it was discussed about the perspectives and challenges of the local level. This visit was organized within the series of mentorships which are provided to small municipalities that require technical and professional assistance. The specific intervention derives from the project ‘Support for Stronger and Sustainable Municipalities (SSSM)’, which is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo.

The representatives of the KLGI Institute and Mr. Kastrati discussed about the financing of municipalities, with a special focus on the municipalities that have larger territories, as well as the affect that the financing formula has due to the number of residents in municipalities.

Among other things, it was also discussed about the Draft Law on Allocation for Use and Exchange of Municipal Immovable Property, with an emphasis on the limitations of the use of property for third parties over a four year period. This is expected to be addressed in the Commissions after the second reading, thus enabling municipalities to offer the usage of property, by ensuring that the property represents a long-term interest in local economic development.

During the meeting, a special focus was put on strengthening the cooperation policies between the municipalities of Kosovo and those in Europe as an opportunity to exchange practices and models, and also to find means of cooperation in the fields of education, culture and economic development. In addition, it was a common agreement to conduct regional visits in order to see good practices in the absorption of development funds.

Mayor Kastrati presented an advanced concept of inter-ethnic and inter-cultural cooperation as a common goal for achieving integration objectives and empower the local level. The increased support from international institutions and partners is necessary to promote a new model of cooperation and coexistence.

The KLGI Institute was invited to be part of the platform that is being built to improve policies and increase quality in the field of education in the Municipality of Kamenica.

The KLGI Institute will continue the agenda of meetings with small municipalities with the aim of addressing topics of interest at the local level.

This activity is organized within the project entitled “Support for Stronger and Sustainable Municipalities (SSSM)”, financed by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo.