The delivery of social services remains a challenge for municipalities

Representatives from the KLGI Institute welcomed in a meeting experts from the organization ‘European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research’, Ms. Rahel Kahlert and Ms. Veronika Sandu, as well as Trim Kabashi from the organization ‘Save the Children’.

The focus of the meeting was placed in a series of issues that are related to the provision of social services at the local level.

The topics of discussion began with the identification of the main challenges in this field and also the options/measures that need to be taken in order to provide solutions to many topics that need to be addressed to achieve sustainability in this field.

It is clear that municipalities, more specifically Centres for Social Work and other divisions that deliver such services, remain challenged by this process. In order to develop more sustainable policies, it is crucial to avoid ad-hoc decisions, and at the

same time to increase the awareness, cooperation and coordination among all actors.

The issue of social services is expected to be solved by the amendment of the Law on Local Government Finance, a process in which the KLGI Institute is providing professional and technical support.