The concept paper for the Law on Local Government Finance has been drafted

The Kosovo Local Government Institute has organized a four-day work-shop with the working group, as part of its role in supporting this process.

The working group is led by the Ministry of Finance, however, it also involves representatives from line ministries (Health, Education, Labor and Social Welfare, and Local Government Administration), Association of Kosovo Municipalities, DEMOS Project and Gap Institute.

The Law on Local Government Finance is one of the pillars that ensures efficient and effective functioning of the financial system at the local level in the Republic of Kosovo. The amendment of this Law primarily aims to clearly define the functions between the central and local level, represent the interests of all municipalities in the Grants Commission, as well as ensure qualitative social services.

Further, the Law on Local Government Finance will address other issues that need to be reviewed, such as: own-source revenue (OSR) planning in municipalities, central government investments for municipalities, and the specific grants to education and health by municipalities.

This grant is funded by the Democratic Society Promotion (DSP) project - funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA) and managed by the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF).