The Al-Hayat Center in Amman welcomes recommendations given by Kosovo Local Government Institute

The Executive Director of Kosovo Local Government Institute – KLGI, Mr. Besnik Tahiri as a part of his commitment to the National Democratic Institute (NDI) is staying in the Kingdom of Jordan. During his meetings in central and local institutions, Mr. Tahiri also completed a work meeting with  the KLGI partner "Al-Hayat Center" to discuss the challenges of local governance and the decentralization process in both countries.

During the meeting with Dr. Amam Bani Amer, Executive Director of Al-Hayat Center in Amman, it was discussed about several programs in the Middle East. The focus of Dr. Amer was on the importance of challenges on the journey to local government reforms. Furthermore, it was about the implementation of decentralization in Jordan.

Mr. Tahiri stated that it felt very good to witness an institutional maturity and serious work from the KLGI partner and also felt prout to see that several suggestions and recommendations were put forward and are being implemented in practice. 

Al Hayat Center for Civil Society Development was established by a group of young Jordanian activists in 2006. The organization has a deep commitment toward regional development and values of global citizenship. Al-Hayat Center has a robust outreach on both regional and international levels, where Al-Hayat has significant contributions in building the capacities of CSOs in elections monitoirng, parliament monitoring, local governance, enhancing political development, advocating for human rights and supporting democratic transitions in several Arab countries