Tahiri at the Peace Summit in Vienna: Kosovo, a unique example of coexistence and religious/cultural tolerance

Invited by the KAICIID Dialogue Centre at a high level meeting in Vienna, the Executive Director of KLGI Institute, Besnik Tahiri is attending the largest summit for peace. Being the only representative from Kosovo, Tahiri has presented among 250 delegated who represent 50 countries from all over the world.

Participation at this Summit was a good opportunity to meet and develop networking/contacts with international personalities who are engaged in promoting peace and citizenship with common values.

For the delegations and representatives in the summit, Tahiri presented the case of Kosovo as a good example for multi-culturalism, inter-faith harmony and cross-cultural coexistence. However, further efforts are needed to strengthen the triangle of cooperation between local government, decision-makers and religious communities.

In front of the audience, Tahiri emphasized the significant steps that Kosovo has made in strengthening the foundations of a democratic state, with a special focus on increasing social cohesion at the local level through minority integration. Despite cultural and religious diversities, pursuing common goals will result in the development of a more democratic state towards the Euro-Atlantic integration.

Spain was among the three key countries that support this summit and Tahiri had the opportunity to present the model of Kosovo as one of the key factors for stability and cultural/ethnic promotion.

On this basis, Tahiri concluded that Kosovo may be the most unique example in the world for inter-religious tolerance considering that there are no internal conflicts or problems among the people.