Sustainable development requires synergies and interaction among all stakeholders

The representative of Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI), Valmir Gashi, presented in the conference ‘“Kosovo: (Re) energize local governance through civic engagement’, held in Berlin, organized by South-Eastern Europe Association, and supported by the Federal Foreign Office in Germany.

Present in this conference were representatives from line ministries, municipal mayors, representatives from international organizations, Croatia, the Federal Foreign Office in Germany and South-Eastern Europe Association.

Throughout his presentation, Mr. Gashi presented the system of governance as well as the challenges/gaps that municipalities in Kosovo encounter, starting from legislation collision and ambiguities, inter-institutional coordination and cooperation, functionality and sustainability of municipalities, public enterprises, limited capacities and the efficient service delivery.

The majority of municipalities, not to say all, encounter problems with the implementation of the Laws that affect local governance. Further, the relation between central and local level remains fragmented. This then prevents the institutional actors to launch a well-planned process of local government reform that would result with better functionality and performance.

With regard to the functionality and sustainability of municipalities, Mr. Gashi emphasized that there is lack of human capacities, as well as a lack of adequate institutional set up and practices. To great extent, this situation leads to unforeseen consequences in relation to management of public human resources, public finances and efficient provision of services.

Mr. Gashi concluded that any adjustments on the ground requires a civil society, non-majority involvement, local media and active participation and contribution of grass root community, field experts and professionals. Further, in separate meetings with actors, Mr. Gashi agreed to continue the cooperation and also organize meetings to address the key matters in the field of local governance.