Strategic planning increases focus for investments for sustainable development

The KLGI Institute held a training session on "How to improve drafting, monitoring and implementing the municipal strategies" by exchanging experiences with the government's strategic office. Participants in this training session were representatives from all municipal directories for Economic Development.

Furthermore, the training session aimed to provide concrete recommendations/proposals for the improvement of drafting, monitoring and implementing of public policies.

The National Coordinator for State Reform, Mr. Besnik Tahiri, speaking on state reform, emphasized that effective public administration and administrative capacity for adequate policy development is a fundamental factor for a sustainable development, growth of prosperity and better provision of services to citizens.

The public administration reform is characterized by the trends and internal developments that require to establish a better system of policy making as the mainstay of a democratic, transparent and effective system, as well as for the preparation of administrative capacity to undertake obligations arising from EU membership. At the same time, the joint municipal government commitments and the results in this area were also discussed. It was emphasized that the next few days, the agenda for next year will be harmonized.

Mr. Vedat Sogojeva, Director of Strategic Planning Office, spoke about improving the drafting, monitoring and implementation of public policies, stressing that an effective planning process provides assurance of improving the quality of policies and delivery of services.

Further, Mr. Venhar Nushi, representative of Strategic Planning Office, emphasized that the process of drafting the strategy is based on internal and external evaluations by identifying the main challenges and problems in Kosovo's policy planning and coordination system.

In addition to the lectures, discussions and presentations related to the topic, participants during the conversation received responses from various topics. This was also a good opportunity to strengthen structured communication between the municipalities and the government strategic planning office.

This activity is in the pillar of improving the public policy cycle at the local level and is implemented within the project entitled "Supporting Stronger and Sustainable Municipalities (SSSM)" supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo.