Municipalities operate without special regulations for the provision of public services

Within the LGA Empower program, today, KLGI Institute held the first session of the thematic group "Public Services” with the aim of identifying problems, networking, advocacy and addressing these problems to other levels of governance. Taking this into consideration, a series of issues were addressed, including; a unification of standards for service delivery, public services - public enterprises relations, accountability and budgeting.

This thematic group addressed the need of advocacy for rethinking decentralization, including functional sectors. It is important to address the need for legal regulations regarding public services considering that many municipal directives have no legal basis for functioning in the provision of public services. A unique model for this is Croatia, which regulates this area with special legislation. Therefore, all the topics that will be addressed, will be promoted to the competent decision-makers. Consequently, the working groups will create a strategic document that will be given to the competent authorities in order to improve and strengthen the local level.

Moreover, it was also discussed about the need to build coordination and communication between municipalities and regional enterprises, with emphasis, towards reporting to their elected candidates in the municipal assembly. It is important to establish a clear map of responsibilities and decision-making between municipalities and public/private companies that are operating in the municipality (water supply, sanitation, energy, etc.).

During the first stage of the thematic groups, the program LGA Empower intends to engage in focused discussions, advocacy and programs addressing sustainable policies and sectoral policies in advancing functional policies, providing recommendations and options to engage stakeholders at the local level. Meanwhile, the next phase is about facilitating thematic groups of experts, in developing policies and programs for a sustainable local level.

The program is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo.