Local economic development requires common agenda for actors in function of development

The Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI) held a training session on the topic "Local Finance Framework and Financial Planning, which aimed to reveal problems from municipalities, while providing concrete recommendations / proposals to facilitate and improve the budget planning process.

Participants in this training session were directors of the Directorates for Budget and Finances from all municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo. It is very important for municipalities to look at funding opportunities in order to achieve sustainable planning and maintain financial stability.

To put the budget in function of development, it is necessary to advance the linking of policy planning to budget planning. Therefore, during the budget process, the link between the strategic development priorities of municipalities and medium-term fiscal planning is defined, especially including information on performance according to budget programs and functional classification.

The Executive Director of KLGI Institute, Mr. Besnik Muçaj, at the opening of the training session, emphasized the Law on Local Government Finance, saying that the working group and other stakeholders have done a good job in this law and the results will be seen soon. But when we are on budget planning it is very important to reflect on the achievement of local economic development strategies. Before that, it is important that these strategies are realistic and have financial assessment.

Mr. Salvador Elmazi, Director of the Budget in the Ministry of Finances, introduced the concept for Local Finances and Impact on Local Economic Development. The local economic development agenda includes a joint strategy in the function of sustainable development. Municipalities with their commitment during the budget process should cooperate closely with sectorial line ministries to address the identified challenges.

The Head of Budget Execution at the Ministry of Finance, Jeton Kryeziu, talked about municipal budget planning, management and control, and two budgeting systems: the Budget Development and Management System (BDMS), and the Public Investment Program (PIP).

This is the first training to be held within the project "Public Policy Program - Finance and Local Economic Development.

The activity is organized under the 'Support to Strong and Sustainable Municipalities (SSSM)' program, which aims to analyze the current situation of the local financial framework, as well as local planning, management and control.