Learning from European models

As a part of the educational programme known as "Local Governance Academy", today, Kosovo Local Government Institute delivered its fourth module, "Models of Local Governance across Europe". The module as such provided in-depth elaboration on the principles of local governance at EU level, including elaboration of country-examples regarding the organization and functioning of local government in European countries, in particular countries like Norway, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany.

On behalf of the Kosovo Local Government Institute, and participants of this programme, I would like to use this opportunity to thank the Ambassador of Norway, his Excellency, Mr. Jan Braathu for an excellent presentation of the Norwegian system of local government, Mr. Norbert Piljs for his impressive and thorough presentation of Netherland example on composition and functioning of municipalities and cantons in this country, Mr. Guether Fehlinger who introduced to participants the system of municipalities, and the federal system of nine regions in Austria. While Kai ..

Along with normative and functional treatment of local government from the above mentioned country-examples, the panelists offered a detailed comparative analysis of these models, with the system of local governance in Kosovo.