Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI) organized a workshop on "Youth Challenges at the local level". The workshop aimed to analyze / address the problems and challenges that young people are facing at the local level, as well as their advancement in various fields.

During the discussion, youngsters assessed that transparency and accountability at the local level should be further strengthened, so that young people have easier access to opportunities for the development of their activities and professional development.

At the same time to have a higher level of training, employment and policies that support the empowerment and opening of businesses, funding of innovative ideas and "start-up" programs by young people. In this step, the local level was praised by young people, who should develop action plans with objectives, emphasizing the integration of young people in various spheres of social, economic and political life.

This activity was realized in the framework of the program 'Dialogue for European Municipalities' (DEM), supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo.