Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI) organized a workshop on "Challenges faced by women at the local level."

In this workshop were discussed and addressed the problems and challenges faced by women at the local level. Equal representation in decision-making remains a challenge facing the local level where women can no longer be part of policy-making.

It was stressed that as a condition for a fair, sustainable and economically developed government, gender equality must take its rightful place, until stability is achieved for good governance. So, women should have their place in one of the priority policies of the executive of the Municipality.

First of all, to develop specific policies from the local level in subsidizing women's business initiatives and supporting them in the labor market in general. At the same time, increasing the number of women serving as role models in public positions also helps to change public opinion about women's ability to participate in decision-making.

The KLGI Institute remains committed to analysis and studies that contribute to effective local government practices in Kosovo.

This activity was carried out within the project ‘Dialogue for European Municipalities (DEM)’ funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy.