Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI) in support of the Ministry of Regional Development (MRD), has organized a workshop on "Three-year Draft Analysis of Capital Investments implemented by development regions in Kosovo 2018-2020".

This discussion was held in the context of the support that the KLGI Institute is providing to institutions during the drafting stage of policies / legislation in the field of local government.

Together with municipal representatives, line ministries, Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) and Regional Development Agencies (RDA), the workshop aimed to discuss the main findings that the "Analysis of capital investments made by development regions in Kosovo for the period 2018-2020” reflects on.

The analysis addresses the distribution of capital investments of line ministries during the years 2018-2020, in relation to the five development regions: Center, East, North, West and South. Through this, the analysis aims to promote balanced regional development, the inclusion of all municipalities and development regions in central level capital investments.

On the other hand, the purpose of the workshop is to promote balanced regional development while reducing the differences between regions or less developed regions in socio-economic terms.

The goal of KLGI Institute is to serve as a platform for a more structured communication in capacity building and drafting legislation policies in the field of regional development.

This activity was implemented within the project ‘Dialogue for European Municipalities (DEM)’ funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Kosovo.