KLGi Institute harmonizes its programs with municipalities

Within the project "An effort towards a stable and functional local government”, the representatives of KLGi Institute, led by the executive director, Mr. Besnik Tahiri met the Mayor of Viti, Mr. Sokol Haliti and the Mayor of Hani i Elezit, Mr. Rufki Suma, during which it was discussed about the program and the areas of intervention with the aim of increasing the efficiency, quality of services and performance of municipalities.

At the same time, the representatives of KLGi Institute had the opportunity to get acquainted with the current developments and specific municipal needs in order to harmonize them with the areas of intervention for the program.

With this occasion, they delivered the bulletin "Month of Municipalities" to the Mayors, reflecting the events and activities that take place in and around Kosovo Municipalities, as a product of INFOKOMUNA portal and KLGi Institute.

Furthermore, Mr. Haliti and Mr. Suma were informed about the first phase of engagement by the Institute KLGi and INFOKOMUNA portal related to a manual for standardization and effective communication with the aim of building professional and coordinating capacities for public relations offices, based on regional practices and international trends of communication, transparency and accountability.

Both parties expressed their willingness for cooperation and mutual commitments to support the strengthening local level. The project “An effort towards a stable and functional local government” not only serves as a means of intervention through training fields, but it also enables full engagement in the field, closer to municipalities and citizens.