KLGI Institute and the Ministry of Finance discuss about the reform of finance and sustainable development of municipalities

In the premises of KLGI Institute, the executive director, Mr. Besnik Tahiri, met the Minister of Finance, Mr. Avdullah Hoti. During the meeting, the focus was put on the cooperation between the Ministry of Finance and the KLGI Institute in supporting the finances and sustainable development of municipalities. 

Mr. Tahiri informed Minister Hoti about the engagements of the Institute in supporting municipalities through capacity building in order to provide stability and functionality at the local level. In addition, Mr. Tahiri stated that KLGI Institute has consistently addressed the needs of municipalities and as well as informed him about the wide network of KLGI from which the analysis derive directly from the context. 

During the meeting, Mr. Tahiri and z. Hoti agreed to cooperate by addressing the challenges through extensive consultation with stakeholders, as the best way to strengthen the development of municipalities. This will be achieved through cohesive change, considering that partial changes do not provide functionality and sustainability.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tahiri emphasized that these initiatives require coordination and support from programs that support and fund the municipalities.