KLGI and ReSPA through cooperation seek the advancing of experiences and models in the field of public administration and public services

The Executive Director of Kosovo Local Governance Institute (KLGI), Mr. Besnik Muçaj met the Program Manager of Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA), Zorana Gaic, and coordinator for Kosovo, Mr. Visar Xani, who is staying in Kosovo for peer mission in Public Administration.

From local democracy to sectorial services, following a general reflection on the functioning of local governance in Kosovo, Mr. Muçaj presented the work that the KLGI Institute has done through advanced training programs in the field of Public Administration at the local level.

It was a common agreement to initiate cooperation in this area starting from October with discussions on the regional analysis of service delivery provided by ReSPA. In addition next year, ReSPA will ofer to KLGI Institute their expertise through trainers in specific areas.

Beyond this, in the field of providing integrated services, ReSPA and KLGI seek to organize study visits in the region and beyond. This is an important step for the KLGI Institute, which through professional experience from ReSPA acquires advanced knowledge, while pursuing advanced regional and European models.