KLGI and MZR organized a third workshop for discussing the objectives of the regional development strategy

Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI), in support of the Ministry of Regional Development (RDM), organized the next workshop with the Working Group, on drafting the Regional Development Strategy 2020-2030.

At this meeting of the Working Group were discussed the findings and the drafting of the indicators for the objectives, while analyzing the objectives and the calculation of the basic values.

This strategy defines the long-term goals and priorities for regional development, while also facilitating policy coordination, which contribute to the balanced development of the regions. First of all, it serves as a guide to local economic development by taking initiatives and implementing joint development projects. It also plays an important role in achieving the goals and priorities for regional development through sectoral policies and strategies that contribute to the balanced development of the regions.

However, the goals of the strategy should be focused on strengthening economic regions and preventing marginalization processes of problem areas. Simultaneously, setting criteria for effective implementation and partnership of development activities in socio-economical regions. Therefore, ensure sustainable economic growth through the effective use of local and regional potentials in order to improve the lives of citizens.

This strategy will be completed after a long study and joint efforts of all stakeholders, meeting its objectives in the function of sustainable economic development in the region.

KLGI Institute, through its programs, will continue supporting the institutions in drafting policies and legislation that affect the field of local government in the Republic of Kosovo.

This activity was carried out under the project "Support for Stronger and Sustainable Municipalities (SSSM)" funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pristina.