KLGI and DEMOS support the meeting of the Consultative Forum on Local Government

Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI) in partnership with DEMOS supported the next meeting of the Consultative Forum on Local Government, to discuss the coordination of the work of the forum organizations, and the drafting of a joint agenda towards local government.

Throughout the workshop, participants in two working groups discussed and addressed issues on the position of civil society on topics such as: Internal governance / local administration; Good governance; Municipal performance; Local finance and economic development; Intergovernmental sectoral issues (specific grants); Municipal sectorial issues; Social issues and recurring problems (stratified, systematic).

It is extremely important to strengthen cooperation between civil society and local institutions, by setting strategic goals and a common agenda of action, to serve the strengthening of democracy at the local level.

After this workshop, a document of civil society positions will be drafted for the new municipal bodies that will emerge after the local elections of 2021. The document will analyze the current state of local government areas and the forum proposals for the process and steps that should take the new municipal bodies to solve the identified problems. First of all, the document will serve civil society organizations to address the issues that need to be addressed and the priorities that need to be set.

The Local Government Consultative Forum is a joint consultative mechanism established by the Ministry of Local Government (MPL) and several civil society organizations that focus on local government in Kosovo. The Forum was established to discuss developments, topics, projects and ideas about local government in Kosovo in order to promote, contribute and advocate together in the further development of local self-government.

This activity was carried out within the project ‘Dialogue for European Municipalities (DEM)’ funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy.