Interaction between municipalities and communities opens new paths for sustainable development and integration

The Mayor of Partesh Municipality, Mr. Dragan Petkovic, welcomed the representatives of the KLGI Institute in a discussion meeting. Initially, the executive director of the KLGI Institute, Besnik Tahiri, congratulated Mayor Petkovic on receiving the new mandate, while Mr. Petkovic informed the representatives about the course of work, the projects that are being implemented, as well as the engagements awaiting for future work in the Municipality of Partesh.

Mayor Petkovic expressed his gratitude for the opportunity that KLGI Institute has provided to be part of the advanced trainings. He emphasized the importance of the trainings by stating that he will try to use the lessons learned, as well as the support by organizations and donors, to empower democracy and sustainable development in the Municipality of Partesh.

On this basis, Tahiri stated that good examples from advanced training programs, as well as the commitment of participants to advance practices and models, could create a generation of transformative leadership in municipalities of Kosovo. This leadership is focused on team work, mainly by motivating the staff, but above all by finding solutions through the usage creative approaches in governance.

Petkovic was informed about the KLGI project 'Support for Stronger and Sustainable Municipalities (SSSM)’ which is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy. This program aims to improve the functionality, sustainability and performance of municipalities through a series of interventions, including the reduction of legal ambiguities, strengthening of the inter-municipal co-operation and co-ordination, capacity building, as well as the active involvement of civil society and young professionals in decision-making processes at the local level.

The SSSM project has a special focus on supporting municipalities with limited capacities, including 14 municipalities under 22 thousand residents. These municipalities should produce solutions in the reform process, either in the matter of financing or providing public and administrative services.

Partesh, as one of the municipalities involved in this project, will benefit through advanced training programs and mentorships in the field of capacity building and technical assistance. This support focuses on building mechanisms and practices that encourage municipalities to function with the role of high performance organizations by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness. Particular support will be provided to the issues related to strategic planning and sustainable economic development.

Further, the internal democracy and coordination between local stakeholders will be promoted. At the same time, advanced practices for inter-municipal cooperation will be explored. A special approach for inter-community cooperation, in particular with mother municipalities, should be set up as an opportunity and a path for cooperation and a common opportunity for integration. Most importantly, municipalities should work together to strengthen economic development and the well-being of the citizens.

Finally, Mayor Petkovic and Director Tahiri discussed about expanding cooperation to promote opportunities for development in the Municipality of Partesh.