Interaction between civil society and municipalities empowers local democracy

The Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI) held its next regional meeting, bringing together civil society organizations at the local level in the region of Pristina, in order to discuss strengthening of civil society mechanisms and increasing of demands for effective accountability by local institutions.

This regional meeting is organized within the program entitled “Support for Stronger and Sustainable Municipalities (SSSM)”, which aims to identify the challenges and problems that are facing civil society organizations in functioning; to identify opportunities and exchange good practices in their advancement.

Beyond this, to strengthen structured communication between local actors regarding common agenda of cooperation. Empowering civil society platform at the local level increases the demand for accountability of decision-makers.

In this context, local civil society organizations should find the best form of organization among them in order to properly represent as a sector in relation to the municipal public authorities. A platform that would involve all civil society organizations, media and other local actors, through which the aim is to increase the role of civil society through the strengthening of clear action mechanisms.

It was a common agreement that it is necessary to establish bodies that coordinates and establishes structured communication between civil society and the municipalities. This would be extended in to two strands: the first one in a structured communication and the second in the joint coordination of activities.

Beyond this, this serves to empowerment of local democracy, where civil society one hand has the role to articulate problems and on the other hand provides professional support and oversight over policy implementation.

This activity is organized within the project entitled “Support for Stronger and Sustainable Municipalities (SSSM)”, financed by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo.