Fragmentation is stagnating youth policies

Within the LGA Empower program, KLGi Institute held its first meeting with the thematic group "education, youth and innovation." In this session it was discussed about the objectives and agenda of work, with the aim of addressing the challenges and advocacy for improving municipal policies.

From the focused discussion, the critical points that appear in the thematic area were reflected, by revealing that inter-dependence and overlapping problems have made layers which are causing a lot of problems and difficulties to the municipalities. Chain problems derived from financial shortfalls, legal uncertainty, lack of sustainability of this area and a lack of a strategic map of coordination and action.

Therefore, in practical terms, ad-hoc approach,disconnected institutions and other mechanisms do not provide a sustainable growth and development, and primarily do not guarantee inclusion. That is, it is not a step closer with regional and European trends. Being alone, municipalities are failing to increase the dynamics of action, building social cohesion and sustainable human development.

Therefore, regarding the objectives and agenda, the thematic group will focus on coordinated policies addressing the inclusive and proactive view of inter-action as a way of strengthening empowering capacities of the youth.

This is intended by addressing the need for the creation of a concept of self-sustainability in the thematic area; pro-active approach of institutional mechanisms; making this area attractive for the private sector; strengthening the concept of sustainable human development; gearing of good practices; strengthening innovation and CSR; compatible making investments in order to strengthen this area.

In the first stage, LGA Empower program through thematic groups intends to engage in focused discussions, advocacy and programs addressing advanced functional sustainable policies and sectoral policies in advancing providing recommendations and options to engage stakeholders at the local level.

The program is supported by the Norwegian Embassy