For the Pristina Law it is proposed to take Zagreb as a model

In the public hearing organized by the Parliamentary Committee for Public Administration, Local Governance and Media, The Executive Director of KLGI, Besnik Tahiri, presented the position of KLGI Institute on the amendment of the Project Law on the Capital City as follows:

The position of KLGI Institute is as followed:

The additional financing of 4 % for Prishtina should be based on a functional analysis on the fields that are affected and require additional financing.

With the additional competencies, the financing should be focused on:
1.    Strengthening of the Municipal Assembly and its functional bodies;
2.    Establishing new public enterprises;
3.    Secondary healthcare;
4.    Public security in the capital city.

Further, Mr. Tahiri pointed out that capital cities such as Zagreb can offer good examples in the field of financial management and public services (in organizing the Holding model). On this basis, an assessment of good regional models can ease the work in this process.

At the end, Mr. Tahiri emphasized that the rapid improvement and approval of the Law opens up new developing opportunities, considering that Prishtina is the administrative, diplomatic, educative, health and cultural center. In addition, Tahiri expressed the commitment of KLGI Institute, in continuing to support this process as a good initiative in the reform process that strengthens democracy at the local level.