Effective communication - the path to transparency and accountability

Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI) and portal INFOKOMUNA launched the municipal bulletin "Month of Municipalities". This is the first number of the bulletin, which reflects the chronology of events and activities for 30 days during September 2016. In this event, the officials for public relations in municipalities presented as well.

"Month of Municipalities", except as a way of reflecting the work of municipalities, it also serves as a form of exchange of experiences and means of addressing and advocating to the government institutions and other stakeholders to engage and operate at the local level.

In this event, some of the findings that have been identified during the work on the bulletin and portal INFOKOMUNA have been presented. The data show that despite the continuous progress, municipalities still face challenge in reporting and public relations.

There exists a range of problems, starting from the lack of capacity on the staff, technical and logistical aspects. Public relations offices stand between the pressures to improve information/communication and the real opportunities to provide an easy and comprehensive access to the public.

This is due to a serious problem with standardization and dynamism in relation to the new communication trends. Another unique aspect is the use of social networks, with emphasis on "facebook," as the most massive communication network, in which the public relations offices do not fully have this form of communication in their mandate.

As a result, some municipalities have begun to seek new avenues of communication through web sites duplications. Meanwhile, there exists an ad-hoc approach and a will by the workers in these offices with regard to social networks, without having any platform or manual.

The KLGI Institute and INFOKOMUNA portal, through the program "An effort towards a stable and functional local government," in coordination with sectoral ministries and municipalities, will develop a roadmap for standardization and effective communication.

Moreover, the professional capacities and coordination of public relations offices in relation to other local stakeholders will increase. This will be based on regional and international trends practices of communication, transparency and accountability.

"This grant is funded by Democratic Society Promotion (DSP) project - financed by Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo (SCO-K) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (DANIDA) and managed by Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) ".