Budgetary framework, a challenge for the development of municipalities

Kosovo Local Government Institute held the first session of the thematic group: "Local Economic Development, Local Finances and Capital Investments," during which it was discussed about a range of topics relevant to the local level, starting from those related to budgeting, investment planning and sustainable development at the local level. Moreover, the objectives and agenda of the next session were settled to avoid any delay in drafting the policies at the local level.

Besides the discussion on the key challenges of these sectors, there was an agreement to address the following topics of interest: The  need to move from the current framework of budget planning to an integrated approach of planning; legislation review in the areas of economic development by enabling municipalities to directly empower this sector; the analysis of the approach in designing the strategic development documents; the need for a balanced regional development; strengthening of municipalities through development loans and obtaining advanced regional practices.

Primarily, the focus should be on the strengthening of municipalities in absorption and management of development funds and donations. The commitment will be on the identification of challenges, exchange of good practices in municipalities and in finding solutions to the key problems.

During the first stage of the thematic groups, the program LGA Empower intends to engage in focused discussions, advocacy and programs addressing sustainable policies and sectoral policies in advancing functional policies, providing recommendations and options to engage stakeholders at the local level. Meanwhile, the next phase is about facilitating thematic groups of experts, in developing policies and programs for a sustainable local level.

The program is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo.