Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway, Mr. Strand Sjaastad visited the KLGI Institute

The Executive Director of Kosovo Local Government Institute, Mr. Besnik Tahiri, in the areas of the KLGI Institute, today welcomed the appointed Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway in Kosovo, Mr. Strand Sjaastad with his partners and also congratulated him for the new mission.

During the discussion, Ambassador Sjaastad expressed his interest on the developments, challenges, successes and perspectives of the local level. Meanwhile, Mr. Tahiri, praised the commitment of the Norwegian Embassy in support of local initiatives and programs of KLGI Institute. He also informed him about the dynamics and trends that municipalities are following and the engagement that the Institute has in supporting and strengthening the local level. The general discussion was about the Association of Serb-Majority Municipalities and other topics of interest in the field of local government.

Special emphasis was placed on the educational programs for municipal officials ‘LGA VI’ and on the focused support for the municipal sector through LGA Empower, both programs being supported by the Norwegian Embassy. Through the two programs, KLGI intends to draft a policy paper as a means of reforms which will be in line with the strategy of MLGA, regional practices and international trends of local governance.

The Norwegian Embassy has supported the KLGI Institute continuously and this has resulted in a positive impact in the field of local governance in Kosovo. Therefore, this visit has served as an introduction between the two parties considering that the Norwegian Embassy continues to be one of the key partners of the KLGI Institute.