Albania is making radical steps in the process of local government reforms

Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI) and Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) located in London – England have completed a series of regional visits in central and local institutions for three consecutive days in Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania, to get familiar wit the successes and challenges of local government in these countries. 

The Delegation from London was led by the Executive Director of the LGiU Institute, Dr. Jonathan Carr-West and the Head of Operations, Dr. Andy Johnston. The meetings and visits were coordinated and facilitated by Mr. Besnik Tahiri, Executive Director of KLGI Institute.

During the visits in the Republic of Albania, the delegation was welcomed in special meetings by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Municipality of Tirana.

During the meeting with Mayor Veliaj, it was discussed about a series of topics starting from innovation in government, electronic programs, e-governance, to the electronic application “Tirana ime. Moreover, it was also discussed about issues that local governments encounter with the interdependence of the problems arising from institutions and sectoral laws.

Mr. Besnik Tahiri, Executive Director of Kosovo Local Government Institute in the meeting discussed about the necessity of being able to exchange good practices among countries while introducing the initiatives that KLGI and LGiU institutes have taken to draft a functional policy document in order to make local government more efficient in the Western Balkan Countries.

In this occasion, Mr. Tahiri has invited Mr. Veliaj in Prishtina to present the model of government in Tirana before an audience of mayors, diplomatic representatives, representatives from businesses and other high public personalities.

During the meeting in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mr. Enea Hoti – Senior Advisor, disccused about territorial-administrative reforms and tasks that arise fom drafting and re-designing a series of laws starting from the new law on local government, a new strategy of decentralization, public administration refoms including the local level, a review of fiscal decentralization, to a new package for granting scheme.