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Events Calendar

06 August 2021

Workshop on ‘Identification of ambiguities, legal conflict and addressing in the process of reviewing the Law on Local Self-Government’

08 July 2021

Workshop on "Political Analysis and Public Communication".

06 July 2021

Workshop on "Challenges, problems and setbacks in the field of regional development".

02 July 2021

Workshop on "Redesign of the grant scheme for municipalities, businesses and civil society, within the regional development program."

19 June 2021

Workshop on "KLGI and FES start the program" Youth Academy for Local Government "

20 January 2021

Workshop on "Presentation and discussion of the joint agenda of activities with a focus on balanced regional development"

23 July 2020

Workshop - Discussion of the Regional Development Strategy and the addresses of the comments received from the Office of Strategic Planning Bear Sanctuary Prishtina Hall – Pristina 10:00‚Äč

26 June 2020

Online workshop on " Finance planning for the social service on local level" - Virtual meeting, Pristina - Time 10:00

11 June 2020

Online workshop on "The role of village councils and urban neighborhoods in the development of local democracy" - Virtual meeting, Pristina - Time 10:00